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Everybody dreams of traveling. These dreams often take us to far away places and adventures.  We’ve all seen the brochures, movies, and YouTube “influencer” videos of exotic islands and thrilling adventures. Then you wake up to the reality that planning the vacation of your dreams can quickly become a confusing, complicated, nightmarish web of reservations, transportation, connections, passports, visas, tickets, and 1001 other details. The knowledge and experience of a travel professional turns that nightmare back into a dream. Travel professionals have the knowledge, experience, and tools to turn dreams into vacations. Since I was a teenager, I have been helping others experience their dreams.


Does Traveling Your Dreams mean visiting central Florida’s many parks and resorts? I lived in Orlando when it had more cattle ranches and orange groves than resorts. A $9.99 ticket book was the entry fee to a day at Walt Disney World©! Busch Gardens Tampa Bay© had free beer(!) at the end of the brewery tour but… the Python was the one and only rollercoaster. Maybe Traveling Your Dreams includes visiting exotic ports? My 1st cruise was a school “field trip”, my high school band played the title song of “The Love Boat” on the Lido deck of the Costa Flavia as we departed the port of Miami. Back then “cruising” from Port Canaveral involved enlisting in the US Navy as a submariner. Anchors away!


Some dreams include just relaxing and chilling, swinging in a hammock under coconut palms while indulging in adult beverages. All-inclusive resorts in Mexico, Jamaica, and a myriad of other Caribbean Islands are the best way to realize your dreams.If you are dreaming of traveling, maybe spending a day, a week or more at one central Florida resorts and amusement parks, maybe just passing through one of the many cruise ports on to more exotic far away destinations, or simply enjoying Florida’s world-renowned beaches, even diving and snorkeling in the Fabulous Florida Keys, the experience and knowledge travel professional make your dreams a reality. Together we can plan a vacation even my family would be envious of.

“Traveling Your Dreams”

Several years ago, my wife and I decided to live our dreams of living aboard and cruising with our own boat. Having recently sold our boat, we now enjoy “empty nest” vacations cruising the Caribbean. One of our "bucket List" destinations was Havana, Cuba - a place forbidden to USA citizens, even with your own vessel.  Several years ago we were able to check Havana off our list by booking a 5 day cruise out of Miami. I’ve helped family and friends plan vacations for decades in the “paradise” I've called home for much of my life, turning their dreams into reality. Often, I would even be recruited as a “tour guide”. Schedule and appointment today at https://calendly.com/tim-jones_travelingyourdreams and let me plan the travel of your dreams!

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